Wild In The Stables

Wild In The Stables

Hiring Kacey Parker as a ranch hand was a great idea because this babe adds some sex appeal to the place. Problem is, all the other ranch hands would prevent working and spend their day jacking as they viewed her pitching hay.

It worked out in the long run because Kacey decided to put on a brandish for everyone in one of the stables. Naturally, somebody clutched a camera and started shooting ‘cuz Kacey had to be recorded for everybody to have enjoyment her big country pointer sisters and bulky wet crack, not just the ranch hands. Unfortunately her stay at the Greater than typical Bulky Mambos Ranch did not last lengthy. This babe was needed for some other XL Gals shoot.

“Guys always say I’ve dick-sucking lips and I take that as a compliment,” Kacey told. “Even when I was in school, all the male teachers and students were always checking me out. I had the mountainous bra-busters of all the beauties.

“What do dudes love to see me do? They adore seeing me trying on bras, getting measured everywhere, exercising, swimming and playing with my stomach. And sucking larger than standard ramrods!”

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