What Happens In Emma Shay’s Bedroom Doesn’t Stay There

What Happens In Emma Shay's Bedroom Doesn't Stay There

“So, I get she appears to be married but wondering if her husband would loan her to me. She’s so horny and, man, would I love to eat her and listen to her moan. I love the fact that she’s a real woman and loves to be pleased.”

“Emma in a double penetration or Lesbian scene would be awesome.”

“New young stuff. Keep her cum-ing back. Okay! Back, front, hanging those big tits down.”

Emma Shay enjoys reading comments about her. She gets off when the camera is on and pointing in her direction. Emma found her calling and has a liberal husband who is one lucky man.

SCORELAND: Are you called by any pet names?

Emma Shay: Just babe or baby.

SCORELAND: Do you wear any T-shirts with sexy or funny sayings?

Emma Shay: Sometimes!

SCORELAND: Do you go to the beach or pools?

Emma Shay: Yes, I love the beach and like to go swimming.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?

Emma Shay: Underwire bikinis when actually swimming or micro-bikinis for shoots.

SCORELAND: What position do you sleep in?

Emma Shay: On my back, and I also switch between both sides.

SCORELAND: When you’re trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it’s going to fit right?

Emma Shay: My way of testing it is jumping up and down and bending over.

SCORELAND: How long does a bra last you before you throw it out?

Emma Shay: Usually two-to-three years.

SCORELAND: What are your favorite kinds of gifts for Xmas or your birthday or in general?

Emma Shay: Video games and clothes.

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