Soaked Tee Teaser

Wet Tee Teaser

When we 1st looked at Dors Feline, her many tattoos did not register right away. 1st, the XLGirls eds view the twin props a hotty has. Then the twin seat cushions. Then, the face, the belly and the legs in no special dictate. It depends on the editors. Tats do not mean that much to us anymore, now that everyone is getting ’em and skin art has gone mainstream. They’re no longer just for military personnel, convicts, bikers, Roman slaves and South Pacific islanders. Even the 50- and 60-year aged women at our HORNY HOUSEWIFE mags and sites are sporting them now. As lengthy as a model doesn’t put one on her face, love Mike Tyson in The Hangover, or overdo the tats on their bazookas. Sure, Dors has lots of tats. But they don’t a predicament the eds one bit. So our advice when spending part of the day or night looking at modern undressed girls is to let the tat thing go if u don’t care for them and acquire used to it when u watch them because tats are not plan to go away. That leads us to these harvested thoughts about Dors who is quite glad with her many tats. “Wow! I am not a tattoo fan but if there is everything that’s going to make me overlook that, it is the glamourous, greater than typical curves that this lady has!” commented doug8805. she’s a true pin-up gal in every sense of the word, and that is a tattoo I’d like to receive, you rock Dors!” wrote Peteman. Gohar likewise mentioned tattoos in his props shout-out to Dors. “Not a tattoo fan but what a looker she’s.” A last thought from Bdog1323: “I’m not into tattoos on a chick at all, but her face is soooo nice-looking and the consummate hour glass figure makes up for it! Also cheerful she did not tat her pointer sisters. They are absolutely consummate for her figure!” And now savour Dors in the Dominican Republic. A kewl pool and a hot honey bunny go well jointly.

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