Valentine’s Day Doll

Valentine's Day Doll

Milly Marks has a busy Valentine’s Day ahead of her. Before Milly receives into the shower, that babe sucks on her Valentine sugar-plum, gets hands-on with her award-winning bra buddies and widens her beautiful cunt. Milly has a nicely trimmed bush here, a gift for the chaps who execrate the shaved-slick look.

“I like watching my friends have sex in front of me,” Milly told. “Sometimes I masturbate whilst I lay next to them. The way it started was that my room mate at the hot dancer house I used to live in and I were in daybed with some charmer, and we were watching TV, and I got bored. So I told to him, ‘Eat her bawdy cleft. Now!’

“And so this skirt chaser did, then I started to engulf on my roommate’s wobblers and make out with her. He started fingering me, and they wanted me to join, but I said him all I wanted to do was observe. So there they were having kooky sex right next to me in my own bed. I am laying down next to ’em just watching and masturbating. And that was precious. I coercive him to cum. This chap had been banging my roommate for a long time, and I had cum, so I was ready to be finished. We refer to that night as the two-and-a-halfsome.”

Wrote SCORELAND member Carny, “I’ll by no means tire of her pleasing face, her stupendous body, her enthusiastic sexuality. Please promise that you’ll bring her back again and again, for as lengthy as this babe wants to pose!”

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