Two English Gals

Two English Girls

It was an captivating rencounter when large British babesters Susie Wilden and Laura Bailey met and licked areolas and twats for a one-time solely match-up. Retired from glamour modeling, Laura loves to sing, journey, and spend time with her allies. It’s not atypical for Laura to journey for six-to-eight months at a time. She loves exploring the culture and history of other countries. She is also dedicated to rescuing greyhounds and finding fresh homes for ’em.

Laura developed youthful. “I was 13 years-old when my big juggs began to grow,” Laura told in an early interview. “I wore a 34 DD-cup brassiere at 13.”

James one time wrote, “Laura Bailey is just ideal to me. I fell in adore straight away. She has the loveliest smile, velvet velvety skin, flawless blue eyes, her glamourous pantoons are just wonderful and the rest of her glamorous, all-natural, voluptuous body is, in one word, consummate.” That babe has that effect on bucks. They fall in like.

Susie Wilden was likewise an early developer. “I was the 1st in my school to have those valuable things, and men would tease me,” Susie said during a visit to The SCORE Group. “I was a little ashamed of them at 1st, but they kept growing and growing, and then all the men loved Them. They just could not prevent looking at ’em. I was wearing constricted shirts with constricted sweaters. I went on vacation this once, and when I came back, they’d grown even more, and my Mommy checked beneath …cause that babe thought I’d had an operation done to make Them greater. They just kept growing and growing.”

“You know, even boys who really love greater than average bra-busters are sometimes intimidated by mine. They do not adore to touch ’em, like they’re afraid. In The United States of America, I’m a G-cup. In English sizes, I am a Thirty six double-J. When I go home my nickname is Double-J ‘coz I’m a double-J.”

Susie retired from modeling somewhat abruptly too. This pair-up on Mammary Lane is one of these uncommon events in XLGirls history.

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