Super-stacked & Moist

Super-stacked & Soaked

Back in 2006, Danielle Derek said, “Guys are very coarse with me because they’re talented to toss me around in ottoman. They can maneuver me. A lot of lads tell me that when they’re with other babes, they cant.” She was sitting next to Alexia Moore and they were groping every other the complete time.

Flash-forward to now, light and lithe Danielle is still getting picked-up, maneuvered and banged during the time that drooping onto a guy’s shoulders. This babe puts the “man” into “maneuvered.” Her skinny sister-in-boobs Alexia is long gone from the big-tits scene but Danielle is still down for joy and sex games. Only now, her bazookas are bigger in size.

“My much loved part about my hooters is how high up they are,” Danielle told. “The distance from my collarbone to the top of my mambos is so miniature. I love that. And I’ve that stupendous, round, fake look, and that is why u get implants. U don’t urge implants that are plan to hang naturally, and my other ones were beginning to hang naturally. They lost that rounded look.”

So what’s on Danielle’s crave list?

“A vacation in Costa Rica. I love the beach and sun-tanning. That’s my idea of total relaxation.”

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