Slurpin’ Noodles

Slurpin' Noodles

Dawn loves her pasta the same way this babe likes her pricks-nice and firm and with tons of creamy sauce. And even if your noodle may not be quite al dente, Dawn will make it hard with her marvelous face, shapely body and cock-sucking skills. She’ll slurp your dick as sloppily as this babe slurps up her noodles, which is a sight to behold in itself. Hardly any babes can make eating look as sexy as Dawn does. “Eating and banging are two of the high reaching pleasures of life and I do one as well as the other with tons of excitement,” that babe said. Watch it for yourself in those fotos. Dawn munches on noodles and widens them over her full bazookas during the time that riding schlong.

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