Sinn With Skye

Sinn With Skye

Skye is a greenhorn to XLGirls who became fast friends with Marilyn Mayson when their visits intersected. They drove the bartenders and waiters avid when they went out in the evening, not to mention the general population of Miami.

“Sex in public is new, risque and extremely recommended. I had sex at Patriot Place [near Gillette Stadium] during a football game. We snuck away during half time and discovered some hay piles with pumpkin shows and decided to acquire down to it. I guess football games turn me on in a complete different way.”

“I have no gag reflex. U could call that my specific talent.”

“I like romantic dates, staying home in nature’s garb to cook meals and gonna football games.”

“The funniest pick-up line a stud ever told to me was ‘Does your chest have All-State insurance? Cuz your chest needs to be in nice hands.'”

“I love sex about twice a day. Doggie is my prefered position. Worthy oral stimulation always sets the mood.”

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