Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

Skye Sinn is recent at and a very welcome addition to the honey bunnys who make this plush playland what it is. This photo set is a match to the episode version.

Has Skye had sex in public?

“Yes, Patriot Place during a football game. We snuck away during halftime and discovered some hay piles with pumpkin unveils on ’em and decided to get down to it. I guess football games turn me on in a whole different level.”

What about angels?

“Sexual encounters with gals are much more fleshly. They know exactly what to do and where to touch at the right time.”

What was the funniest thing a lady-killer ever told to you?

“Does your chest have AllState insurance because if u don’t, your chest needs to be in worthwhile hands.”

Passive or confident?

“Assertive. My needs and desires are always stated. I will let a fellow know what I desire but not at the expense of feelings or self-worth.”

Your kinkiest experience was…”Swingers club. First experience ever.”

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