Great Large Hooters Of Adore

Great Greater than typical Breasts Of Love

Continuing our chat with Sheridan Love, a SCORE Girl who has it all.

SCORE: When you’re trying on a undergarment, what do u do to test whether it is going to fit right?
Sheridan: If I can identify a under garment in my right size I adore to put it on and jump up and down to see if my fullsome funbags will pop out.

SCORE: Everyone likes seeing SCORE Girls do that. How lengthy does a bra last u before you throw it out?
Sheridan: I’m the world’s worst about keeping a bra way after it should be thrown out. It’s adore your fav shirt that has holes in it but u cant seem to make yourself throw it out. I have a hardly any bras like that. (Laughs)

SCORE: Do you wear a bra all the time?
Sheridan: I am a nudist whenever I can be. I adore to be stripped!

SCORE: Do you lounge around the house topless or in nature’s garb?
Sheridan: I am nude all the time.

SCORE: Do u think hotties should be allowed to be topless anywhere it is legal for guys to be shirtless?
Sheridan: Like I told, I am a nudist whenever possible, so I suppose that would be amazing. We were all born exposed. It’s no thing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. The human body is a stylish thing no matter what shape or size. If studs are allowed to be topless, chicks should have that same right.

SCORE: What do your pierced areolas do for u?
Sheridan: I’ve always thought pierced teats were sexy, so I had to get mine done. I’ve always had super-sensitive areolas, but after getting ’em done they became even more sensitive. My 1st shower after getting ’em done was so orgasmic!

Thank you, Sheridan!

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