The Greater than typical Bra Reveal

The Big Undergarment Show

Singer, songwriter, comic-book and cosplay nerd, baker, singing waitress and now an XL Hotty hitting a major chord in the gizzards of fellows who love angels with vast big pointer sisters and big butts. The kind that needs big hands. That’s Serenity Sinn who will be making her XL Beauties print mag first appearance in issue #262. Her 2 names may appear to be to be the contradictory sides of the coin–how can sin be serene?–but it works. Valuable gals can be bad but by no means lose their goodness.

“I started to develop when I was 12, and it kind of happened overnight,” the mid-western girl-next-door revealed. “I awoke one morning and I was already a B-cup. Then, later on in the week, I was a D-cup.” And now she needs 46H-cup bras.

Serenity begins this glamour photoshoot in a slide, then tries on bras that are a wee bit too petite for those heavy fun bags before all garments are tossed to the side and Serenity reveals all of her glorious nakedness, widening good and wide.

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