I Adore My 34JJs

I Love My 34JJs

Sarah Rae likes her 34JJs and so does everybody at The SCORE Group, from the photographers to the customer service people. There is a lot to love about them, and Sarah, as these images prove.

When u go out, do u costume to emphasize your love melons, or not? What do u wear?

Sarah: My pantoons already emphasize themselves, I just put things over ’em. I like to wear plenty of low cut shirts so they can breathe. Sometimes it resembles they’re plan to spill without my shirt and people acquire concerned that they’re gonna fall out, but they haven’t yet! I know what I’m doing.

What brands of bras do you buy?

Sarah: Bravissimo, Freya, Buxom Kate. I order my bras online from the England.

What style of bras do you buy?

Sarah: It’s hard to tell betwixt the different styles ‘cuz my knockers appear to be to hang without them all the same way.

When you’re trying on a brassiere, what do u do to test whether it is going to fit right?

Sarah: I’ve been said that there’re certain things u should seek, but I have my own bra fitting criteria. Just as long as the brassiere shoves my hooters up and covers my nipples then I’m good! I think I’m possibly a JJ or K cup but I normally wear H cup bras. I own bigger bras, but I just love the support more fine and love most of all tight bras. I keep getting said that I must measure ’em and identify more amazing fitting bras so they don’t hang out as much, but why should I change what is already making me comfortable and happy?

How long does a brassiere final u in advance of u throw it out?

Sarah: I don’t throw away any of my bras. If the wires pop out then I just take ’em out and wear it without ’em. I too sew them back up if they rip.

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