The Greater than run of the mill Bodacious Boob Bonus Bonanza

The Big Bodacious Boob Bonus Bonanza

In this Bonus video, Roxee Robinson measures her big double-H breasts with a tape. It’s in centimeters (Canada uses the one and the other metric and imperial systems) and Roxee’s undressed bra buddies turn out to be 177 cm (Fourty six inches). How mouthwatering is that? Roxee’s areolae measure 7 cm (2.7 inches).

Roxee talks about her boob beginnings and how she would adore u to treat these flesh-pillows. She likes having ’em massaged, and this babe demonstrates. Roxee too talks about toys–she can’t live without them–and what types of toys that babe can’t live without.

Roxee has a very sexy voice. Phone sex has been largely replaced by web chats. Even so, Roxee could make a petticoat chaser cum just by talking to him and whispering in his ear. Thank’s for the big bodacious boob flaunt, Roxee!

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