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New arrival Roxanne Diamond of Bucharest makes a precious case for unisex restrooms in her introductory episode and photo set. A fellow could camp out and just enjoy Roxanne doing her thing. She’s especially talented with that hand-held shower-head. Whoever invented that had to have woman masturbation in mind.

An artsy hotty with a lovely rack, Roxanne’s hobbies are reading, writing poetry, music and drawing nudes (that babe doesn’t say male or lady nudes). That babe was referred to TSG by a friend, one more Romanian SCORELAND glamour model.

“I worked in a sex shop at once and I enjoyed it,” said Roxanne who was born on Valentine’s Day. “I enjoyed modeling for this movie scene and the photos and I am looking forward to seeing ’em, and to make more pretty soon because it was joy. I get plenty of attention and compliments from lads all the time but I don’t usually costume to show my juggs like this when I go out. I’m not coy obviously but I am more of a timid person.”

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