Anal masseuse

Anal masseuse

Here, Rose Marie, a 58-year-old divorcee from Phoenix, Arizona, is a masseuse. Say what? Dressed like that, in skimpy lingerie with her big love melons drooping out? Hey, we didn’t say this babe was a licensed masseuse, did we?

The idea here is that the stud needs a shoulder rubdown. The problem is that as a masseuse, Rose Marie sucks. Sucks shlong, that is. And screws it, also. Honeys adore Rose Marie are giving masseuses a bad name. Or a nice name. It just depends on whether u care more about your shoulders or your schlong.

Care more about your pecker. It is about to bonk this breasty divorcee’s a-hole.

“I’ve always had greater than run of the mill milk sacks and I have always known what to do with them,” Rose Marie told. “If a guy’s not touching them whilst we’re fucking or having foreplay, I’ll direct his hands to ’em, and if we’re screwing and that fellow is not playing with my fullsome funbags, I’ll play with them myself. The day I identified that I can suck on my own fun bags was one of the best days of my life. It was like having a recent toy!”

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