Poolside Pumping

Poolside Pumping

Whitney Stevens is pouring without her top and aiming to pop the dick. She’s got bigger in size than standard, valuable zeppelins to bust a nut on and a man-pleasing personality. Whitney’s gonna get rogered just as pretty soon as the boob mouthing and slit licking has moist her up for the man-pole. Big, wonderful fun bags to bust a nut on and a man-pleasing personality. Plus, she’s an awesome bartender. She would make a great shooter angel. Just look how that babe handles those jugs. Whitney also handles a swizzle stick like a expert.

It’s rare that a SCORE model passes the bar exam around here. However, they do run for California governor.

“It was a little tricky having sex on the bar but I was competent to acquire served,” Whitney quipped after this scene wrapped. She’s a great reason to acquire rock hard. This is what happens when Whitney’s your bartender and u instruct an Climax or Sex On The Beach.

“Whitney’s cookie is very tight,” Jeremy told. “Her body is perfect.”

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