Oral stimulation Fixation

Oral Fixation

Bailey explains her shag schedule. Getting penis one time a day–good. Getting it two or 3 times a day–even more worthy.

JC is transfixed by Bailey’s humongous, pliable milk cans decorated by pancake-sized areolae. This chab pulls one tit without her slip to touch, take up with the tongue and engulf. Bailey hasn’t begun to lactate yet. She tries to squeeze out some milk but only a drop or two come out.

“Are preggo snatches wetter?” this chab asks, widening her legs apart and moving her lacy slide to the side so he can feel it. That woman chaser sucks on a nipple and is professional to hold it in his face hole for a second until gravity pulls it with out his mouth.

JC pulls out a tape measure so that dude and Bailey can tape-measure her milk cans on-camera. That babe gets undressed and lies back so he can finger-bang her hole. Bailey sits up, takes JC’s large tool in hand and spits on it, then shoves it in her face hole. The size makes her gag and choke and that is a worthy thing. She’s got her hands and her face hole full. Pregnancy is a waiting game and the gradual changes to a chick’s fertile body make her antsy. Bigger in size than run of the mill jock worship keeps her occupied.

Bailey’s pregnant bawdy cleft gratification is guaranteed when that babe screws and comes all over the jock. A shag so wonderful, it nearly hurts her to prevent.

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