One-Hit Wonders

One-Hit Wonders

“A lot of well-endowed women like me need to buy custom-made bras since stores don’t always stock bras for my kind of milk cans,” said Mandy. Unfortunately, Mandy solely modeled once.

If u have a plus-size girlfriend brawny love Mandy Mason, u know that shopping can be an adventure. Mandy advised caution when buying raiment by yourself for bigger in size than typical gals. “If you get a size off one of her raiment, u may not make her also glad when you present her with a shirt in a size that babe considers also bigger in size than typical! And don’t think buying an item likewise dunky receives you off the hook. She’ll just acquire insulted and think you urge that babe weighed less and we all know that is not true.”

So what does a boy do to not mess up?

“Buy her a pair of shoes. Check on the inside of one of her favorite pairs for the size and width. Or take her shopping. If you can stand to spend time expecting for her outdoors of the fitting room.”

Very helpful advice!

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