Fresh York Yankee

New York Yankee

U know what they say about town angels being accustomed and maybe just a little fast? Well, it’s true. Christal Rose proves that with her terrific tug skills. Where do u think that babe learned to jerk a dong adore that? It was definitely not on the farm. Christal is a city girl, straight out of New York and one time u watch her jerk this dick with her milky milk shakes you’ll be a fan of tug jobs for the rest of your life. The key to a worthwhile tug job is when the hotty looks up at u and smiles like that babe is doing smth she actually enjoys. That’s Christal for you. When she smiles at u and licks her lips while that babe is holding on to your package and stroking it love that babe indeed craves that cum, it is utter perfection. Or rather, udder perfection. We have to give it up to this town beauty. This babe truly knows how to tug. We almost wonder if this babe should be renamed the Recent York Yankee.

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