Woman’s Work Is Not at all Done

Woman's Work Is Not at all Done

A woman’s work is at not time done, and we’re not about to knock a knocked-up Natalie Fiore out with tons of housework. So a small in number seconds of vacuuming the room is okay, but no more than a not many seconds.

“My undergarment receives real damp and sweaty from doing housework,” says Natalie. She needs some relaxation. This babe can not be slaving over household chores in her condition. It will be cooler once she takes off her costume. This is a TMC alert. Likewise much clothes alert. Natalie shouldn’t even be picking up that feather duster. All work and no play make a overtired Natalie! We don’t crave that!

This is the final of the first series of Natalie’s pregnant sessions. When you watch Natalie on May 29th, this babe will have an even larger baby bump at seven months! Detect out the sneak peek movie scene this day!

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