“You Can Ring My Bells”

It took Micky Bells about seven months to go from 2013 Voluptuous Plumper of the Year winner to SCORE Angel. September ’14 SCORE first took a bow her recent look on newsstands worldwide. Seven months of diet, exercise and will vigour. Micky abandoned junk food, tutored more and slept more. Whilst we have loved her in all of her looks, now Micky has the body this babe wanted.

“If my zeppelins had gotten too petite, I’d have gained the weight back,” told Micky who began web-cam glamour modeling in 2008 and came to SCORE in 2011. “But I’ve always been big boobed, and I suppose an H-cup is not bad at all.” Micky’s bazookas began their journey of growth-spurting when this babe was 15.

Micky recommends that cam-girls should try real photo-modeling as she has done. They’ll detect it a life-changer. Micky has traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean with SCORE and met many of her great peers on these shoots, such as Natalie Fiore.

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