Sports Gal

Sports Girl

Mianna Thomas’s body has been zombifying poor boob suckers since she 1st busted out at SCORE. She is so rogering great. This boob is no exception and becomes a thrall of her nipples previous to working his way down to her pussy-hole. When we first saw Mianna, we thought she was a dream, the second coming of the now-legendary, now-retired, British chocolate beauty Sammie Dark-skinned from the late ’90s. But Sammie not at all fucked lads on-camera adore Mianna does.

“I am gratified of my tits” says Mianna. We’re pleased this babe says this. “I love them.” Sometimes Mianna will meet a Lothario who just urges to fuck her mounds, neglecting her vagina. “There was one boy; I was wanton and this chab was randy. I was telling him to ‘stick it in me, stick it in me!’ Instead, this ladies man put it right in betwixt my wobblers and just started fucking ’em. And I was, like, ok, that’s fine. And that’s how he got off. This chab came all over my bra-busters and that Lothario had quite a bit of cum likewise.”

We’d await that with a beauty who has a 13-inch difference betwixt her bust measurement and her rib cage. Mianna has a very natural smile and doesn’t try to play it serious or vamp it up. This babe has a relaxed personality and is savouring herself. That’s what almost all SCORE boyz wanna see.

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