Babelicious Knockout

Babelicious Knockout

Melonie Max couldn’t get any hotter looking than in this glamour photoshoot. Her body is so smokin’, it is a miracle that the sprinkler heads did not pop! The star of the DVD More To Fuck, Melonie is each inch a prize. The lad who’s got this sweetheart and her 34 G-cups within arm’s reach is a favourable bastard!

“I really thought about getting a reduction at one point,” Melonie sacrilegiously said. “But then I decided not to. I didn’t desire to lose sensitiveness. And I figured that they give me an edge. So I’m gonna keep ’em. ‘coz my ribcage is so tiny and my juggs are so large, it is stiff for me to acquire smth to fit the one and the other of ’em at one time.

“I wear plenty of constricted tops. I do not wear everything baggy cuz it doesn’t look fine. And people are intend to stare regardless. And I am used to it now. I do not even notice people when they look now. I’m oblivious to it now. I like wearing form-fitting jeans, too.”

Is Melonie a spitter or a quitter? Inquiring concupiscent minds wanna know. “I gulp. Good cuties always gulp. I like to spit on the meat-thermometer during the blowjob, of course, but when it comes to the cum, I drink. I’ve only done the entire cum on the face thing one time, and that was cuz the lad wasn’t comfortable cumming on my face more than once. He was not into it. And I think u acquire to be private with anybody for that kind of thing. It can not be some random stud. But anywhere else on my body is worthy.”

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