Knocked Up Part TWO

Knocked Up Part 2

A blood pressure-raising chick not contented with the routine life of the nine-to-five grind, Melissa Mandlikova rejected society’s repression of her exhibitionistic nature and bared her hot bod to the Boob Brotherhood for years. Approaching mom life did not stifle this innate wish completely so she contacted one of our photographers as her abdomen bump ballooned, her whoppers swelled and her areolae turned a dark cocoa.

Melissa has a titanic bump at six-months. At this point, this babe has to do almost any of her poses lying back. Melissa did stand and bend forward for a bit so our photographer could get down and discharge up while she tickled her clitty.

“It was impossible for me to detect comfortable bras ‘cuz my mammaries kept growing,” said Melissa. “I needed to buy recent ones every month. I will see what happens after I give birth.” The difference betwixt Melissa’s love melons in 2007 or 2008 is biggest when compared to now.

It is difficult to say if we’ll ever see Melissa again so relish her now. The word is that Melissa has delivered her bundle of enjoyment. Congrats to the new mommy.

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