Marilyn Does a Body Worthwhile

Marilyn Does a Body Good

Marilyn Mayson might be wearing her sexiest outfit to date in this smokin’ XLGirls show. It is taut, just right and curve-hugging love a Maserati on a mountain road. The dark brown stunner admires herself in the mirror before lowering her dress to pop her bra-clad milk sacks out. That babe plops every magnificent mam with out its prison of fabric, 2 tasty-looking, pointed tatas, the kind chicks spend thousands to acquire but can never hope to match, the kind of large fun bags that drive breastnotized dudes sin-sane.

Marilyn squeezes a glob of white moisturizer and widens it all over her in nature’s garb breast flesh, rubbing it in worthy during the time that jiggling her milk sacks as our cameraman captures the motion close-up. Marilyn’s giant milk cans fill the screen! The coating of white man juice is a sign of things to come.

At this pont of time, a smooth operator named James interrupts the sexy bombshell, claiming he was looking for a comb. That’s not a problem. Marilyn beckons him forward and asks him to help her receive with out her dress in advance of that babe gets lotion on it. As they slip her out of it, he’s on her love that lotion, his hands roaming her chest, palming her downy breast flesh. “Wanna stick your rod between ’em now that they’re lotioned up?” Marilyn asks. Is that question indeed necessary or does that babe just love to say it?

He lies back on the bed so Marilyn can give him the wettest, messiest fellatio and tit shag a Lothario could acquire. Marilyn knows all the little tongue and titty tricks that rocket a boy into outer space. And then this babe rides him into erotic nirvana. Think of what this hottie could do to your hard-on.

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