Knockers of Dors

Mammaries of Dors

Dors Feline caused a major pants-quake when she 1st came to prominence. An magnificant body, a gorgeous face and a camera-ready sex appeal had everyone insane. Some made also much of a bigger in size than typical deal about her tattoos but most boys either accepted them or just did not care.

Wrote G.L.. “I know some lads don’t like it, but I’m truly digging your ladies with tattoos. Vixens with tattoos are hot! Please do not try to hide your models’ tattoos with hawt raiment or atypical angles. I’m a fan, and I know there’re more browsers love me out there! For sample, I suppose Dors Feline is hawt as fuck!”

Another fan wrote, “These Brit girls that u identify are charming. I just wonder why they don’t like to widen their slits. I think it’s ’cause they know they’re hot enough to acquire away with it. And they’re right. I have no problem beating my meat to Dors, widen fur pie or not!”

Until she retired, Dors was the beloved XL Cutie for many and plenty of the regulars considered her the hotty who almost any unbelievable exemplified the XL Girl.

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