Busting Into Politics

Busting Into Politics

Unfortunately, this is not the next President of the America, the next senator, congresswoman or even the next county commissioner. We’d be backing Maggie Green all the way if the blond fili-buster decided to run for public office. But a breast-man can still fantasy of more fantastic government one day.

Where does Maggie stand on the following issues?

Sex on the first date:

“Sure, if it feels right. But I wouldn’t at all do it if it was with a boy that I really thought I could have a relationship with.”


“I like my Hitachi Magic Wand.”

Carnal positions:

“I adore a lot of positions. I don’t actually have a beloved. It depends on my mood.”

We’re not sure if this final statement is flip-flopping on the issue but soever Maggie says is fine with us.

Vote for Maggie! She’ll make all of your fantasies come true.

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