Crazy Over Madison

Mad Over Madison

“Guys just always shout things about my milk cans like, ‘Hey, greater than average bra-busters!’ Lily Madison said. “That’s about it. Not ever anything also imaginative. I think if a lad ever said everything imaginative, he’d probably get my attention.

If we just yelled “Hey, bigger than run of the mill bra buddies!” we’d not ever receive any models. So what should a skirt chaser do to gain Lily’s attention?

“Well, this fellow probably shouldn’t try to put his face in my love bubbles, which has happened before. Studs have said, ‘Can I put my face in your love melons?’ They shouldn’t do that. If you can make me snicker, u have a chance. I adore lads with a valuable sense of humor.”

Lily calls herself a cupcake junkie and a full time nerd. If this is what a nerd bears a resemblance to, we receive to start drooping out at Mensa meetings to identify fresh adult models.

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