Kimber fucks the plumber. Her hubby watches.

Kimber fucks the plumber. Her spouse watches.

“My partner and I were invited to take a tour on the CSC Presidential Educate with out Jacksonville, Florida a couple of years agone,” said 43-year-old Kimber Phoenix, who makes a cuckold with out that very same partner in her 1st scene at “It was for a voyage down to Orlando and back. Well, we quickly got bored and decided to explore some of the cars that were off-limits. We discovered ourselves all alone, on board the President Harry S. Truman presidential sleeper and dining car. We decided to have a romp on the presidential daybed whilst sipping 25-year-old scotch with out the china cabinet. It was fantastic, and no one ever identified out.”

That is daring but probably not as daring as having sex on-camera for all the world to watch. Here, Kimber screws the plumber. That babe checks out his plumbing. Her boyfriend walks in. Kimber keeps sucking and screwing the plumber’s meat-thermometer. Her partner watches. Kimber likes that her partner watches.

Kimber is a fetish glamour model.

“I’ve modeled fetish clothes several times for photo discharges,” this babe told. “I like showing off my sexy toes and feet. Leather and Latex outfits are a greater than average turn on for me. In fact, I’m an official glamour model for this year’s fetish convention in St. Petersburg, Florida.”

Kimber and her spouse are swinging married couples. She’s a bit of a nudist in that this babe swims bare in her pool and hangs out at the local nude beach. She’s lived the corporate life. Now that babe acquires to live the life of a HORNY HOUSEWIFE adult star. It suits her well.

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