Getting To Know Kim Ahn, Our 1st Asian 60PlusMILF

Getting To Know Kim Ahn, Our First Oriental 60PlusMILF

After banging for the 1st time in the photo set on Tuesday, Kim Anh sits down for a chat with the editor so we can have to know her better. Kim is a 61-year-old wife from Thailand who’s glamour modeling for the first time, which is surprising cuz Kim is a angel.

Kim’s body is taut and right. She’s merely five-feet tall, but in the gogo dancer platforms she’s wearing for this interview, she’s more adore five-six. She now lives in the Midwest United States with her boyfriend, who that babe is been married to for five years.

“This is the first time my husband has viewed what I’m doing,” she says. She’s referring to banging. “For him, I feel it is very thrilling.”

For her, it’s very thrilling, too.

“While I’m doing it, I feel super admirable,” Kim told.

Back home, what Kim is doing here would be considered forbidden.

But that’s part of what makes this specific, right?

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