Ginger Playgirl

Ginger Babe

Do you love girl-next-door gingers from south Florida? Well, if you do, Khloe Longing is the beauty for u. This bundle of energy can’t live out of jogging, biking, swimming, beaching and working with animals. That babe identified XLGirls and wanted to join the big party.

“Most of my shirts are low-cut,” says Khloe who sports 40DD floaters and doesn’t mind attention as long as it’s respectful and non-drooling. “I usually buy my bras off the rack and wear one all the time except when I’m sleeping.”

Dinner and a movie scene suits Khloe just priceless. That babe attracts a lot of boyz and since that babe lives in south Florida where a girl’s body is not overspread up by winter coats half the year, and that babe likes to wear low-cut tops, Khloe acquires tons of boyz trying to get her phone number. “The funniest pick-up line I’ve heard was a lady-killer on the beach who told, “You have to be an gal ’cause you dropped down from heaven.” Khloe did not say if it was successful or not.

What does Khloe wanna do next in front of the camera? We’re curious ourselves.

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