Peeping In The Ladies Room

Peeping In The Ladies Room

“There aren’t very many hotties with large bouncy bosoms in Chicago, from what I have observed,” told Kate Marie. This is true, at least as far as hotty’s with large breasts who glamour model. There have been solely a hardly any at SCORELAND such as Jessica Roberts and, much farther back in time, Angie Sward.

Kate Marie visits the ladies’ room and since we’re always interested in continuing our studies in adult education, our cameras set up camp. Kate Marie proved to be a real handful as well as an eyeful, as ordinary. It’s always a pleasure to have her visit. We don’t often pursue beauties into the rest room but when we do, it’s ‘coz the mere sight of them makes us lose our minds, love Kate Marie does.

“I consider myself like the girl-next-door so I appreciate all the little compliments. The superlatively precious compliments I’ve ever gotten was about my eyes and make-up.”

“I’d like to hear Kate say she loves aged studs, or see that as a quote,” wrote Nick. “Then maybe I won’t feel so guilty about being over-stimulated by this astounding dominatrix!”

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