Jiggle & Chortle

Jiggle & Giggle

Tiggle Bitties always looks love she’s have a blast. Going in nature’s garb seems to be her natural state. We can picture her walking and leaking exposed in the woods, her big marangos wildly bouncing, slapping and swinging.

SCORELAND: So Tiggle, do u like looking in a mirror during sex?

Tiggle: Secretly, I completely like it. I think it is hawt to see.

SCORELAND: Do you like to talk bawdy in bed?

Tiggle: When I receive indeed lustful, totally!

SCORELAND: What is the maddest thing you have ever done in daybed, either alone or with a husband?

Tiggle: I indeed am not sure…

SCORELAND: What’s smth u have tried, but won’t ever do some other time?

Tiggle: I’m not a king-size fan of sloppy BJs with a sex-toy but with the real thing…mmmm!

SCORELAND: Are you better at mouthing dick or eating succulent love tunnel?

Tiggle: I’ve had rave reviews both ways, so I am not sure. I suppose I have had more people tell me that I’m A-plus at penis than the other way around. It’s very close though. Honey bunnys wanna lay back and have joy the experience. They want u to take control, know what you’re doing and make it happen. Dudes like the game. They desire you to look up and play and they want u to treat them adore a king but I know that I have the force cuz there are teeth in my face hole. It’s a game. That’s what a fine BJ is, the game, and I love that.

SCORELAND: Has a man ever cum previous to he got his penis in your face hole?

Tiggle: Yep. Just from seeing my pantoons. But that happened more in high school. It happens more with youthful hot men.

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