Humongo Love muffins

Humongo Hooters

As we once mentioned, Blanka has a sadistic side. “The photographer was a gentleman but I saw this chab had a big boner when I played with my mangos so I tanalized him,” Blanka said. “I played a large joke on him. I said if that Lothario took fine photos of me, I’d suck his knob in the bath. Then when the fotos were done, and this gent went to the baths, I got dressed and left to go to my hotel!” That’s mean but laughable. And u thought men’s mag photographers get all the love tunnel they want. “I still keep my modeling very quiet. I don’t crave people to know what I do. They would call me a floozy ‘coz they are very old-fashioned and strict people who still think it’s 1950. But I don’t care cuz I love to do as I please and if I wanna pose undressed and have sex with men, I will do it.” U tell ’em, Blanka.

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