“How to make me pleased,” by Angela

'How to make me cheerful,' by Angela

Angela is intend to give u a episode tutorial. By the time it ends, u will know how to make her very glad. Study carefully and pay attention to her instructions. This babe knows a lot of slutty stuff for a young goddess.

We asked Angela, “In Australia, do u run into people who have viewed u in SCORE or Voluptuous magazines or on Scoreland? If so, what’s their reaction?”

Angela replied, “I have run into a slight in number people. I actually adore it when I do ‘coz I do savour the attention. I love the boyz who will come up and talk to me instead of just pointing and staring. I do not bite (out side of the bedroom!) and I am glad to have a swallow with a fresh friend.

“When I was exotic dancing at a disrobe joint on the Gold Coast of Australia, I met an English boy on holiday who recognized me and he took me out to lunch. That charmer was so ravishing that when I went to London on vacation, I made sure I met up with him anew. I know u wanna hear all the immodest stories about what we did, but I am plan to leave that up to your imagination! So come up to me and say hello. U never know what might happen!”

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