Rock hard SCORE 2: Deauxma

Hard SCORE 2: Deauxma

Badda-bing, badda-boom. And badda-boob. Know what we’re talkin’ about? Deauxma is the boss’ wife. We’re not talkin’ the boss of the local chapter of the Lad Scouts. Deauxma’s with her husband’s stooge, Gino. He’s driving her around. That babe wishes a gulp so that babe tells Gino to call her hubby. This babe indeed urges to swallow his goo straight and starts mouthing his sausage on the side of the road as cars whiz by on the highway. They head back to a more comfortable place so Gino can juggle dynamite. Ever the loyal wife, Deauxma tells Gino that this babe needs his penis in advance of this babe goes home to her “big, plump bastard partner.” Pleased to oblige even if he’s suicidal, Gino bonks her mouth while the stacked dark-skinned brown plays with his fun bags. This chab grabs the back of her head and jams his salami down her mouth as Deauxma reaches down and fingers her clitoris. Deauxma licks his nuts tenderly as she sits on the floor. Gino fucks Deauxma’s large fullsome funbags. This babe squeezes her cantaloupes, wedging his meatball sub betwixt her unfathomable cleavage. Deauxma craves Gino’s subrigid prick in her wetting wet crack and rides him reverse-cowgirl style and then is tag-teamed doggystyle and finally piledriven for good measure. Gino slides his two fingers into Deauxma’s chocolate hole to open it up and then proceeds to stuff the boss’ wife’s butthole. That petticoat chaser might as well go out in a blaze of brilliance. There’s more where that gent came from for Deauxma.

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