Fuck the boss? Yep, bonk the boss!

Fuck the boss? Yeah, fuck the boss!

In real life, Layla Redd, a 41-year-old divorcee from Maryland, is an educator. An assistant principal in a high-school. At least that babe used to be one. She lost her job. Here, she is a boss at a bigger than standard company. Unfortunately, times are tough, and she has to fire some of her crew. Unfortunately for Juan, he is one of the ones to go. Fortunately for Juan, he’s gonna get a goodbye screw in advance of that stud leaves. No wonder the unemployment rate is so high! Fellows are getting fired on purpose so they can shag their sexy lady bosses on the way out! Ok, that is probably not the reason. But if Layla were your boss, it could be the reason. “I’m a swinger,” Layla said. “I adore having sex with other guys and having my hubby see. I suit conservatively because I had to at my old job, so tons of people would never guess at the real me. They’d not at any time think that I would pose undressed and have sex on-camera.” Layla has perfect B-cup hooters (firm and fashionable shaped) that she covers in those conservative hot garments. Not surprisingly, she always wears a bra. That’s what keeps her love muffins so attractive. Her hobbies are traveling, reading and “being slothful,” but that babe says that babe likes bucks who aren’t afraid to take chances. In this video, Juan isn’t afraid to take a chance. Layla obviously loves that about him. That and his wang. And if you are asking us which came 1st, her attraction to his rod or her attraction to his risk-taking, well, we just haven’t thought it through that thoroughly. And neither should u.

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