Fetish Fox

Fetish Fox

Prepare, if you dare, to go into the lair of Dolly “Dominatrix Without Mercy” Fox. She’s the Dominatrix-bitch of Mayhem, the Princess of Punishment, the Sovereign of Sadism and she’s pleased to dish out as many whacks as you wish. Obey is the slogan on the wall of her dungeon. This ain’t your bubbly, bouncy Dolly Fox. This is Dolly Fox exposed to red Kryptonite. Dark side Dolly is willing and happy to thong you one anywhere u desire it. This babe has a particular cage for any gent who receives her angry sufficient.

“I have pleasure this side ‘coz it is fine to escape this enjoyable and always humorous goddess,” Dolly said in the episode. “Sometimes it is valuable to be tough. I do not hide it. I really enjoyed shooting this SM femdom-goddess movie scene. It’s the real me. Sometimes I relish punishing guys. I have some people who actually savour being on the receiving end of punishment. I indeed savour punishing ’em. It’s so pleasure. It’s truly an escape from what’s happening in the world.”

What else is happening in Dolly World? “I moved to Spain from Belgium ‘cuz Belgium was just too cold. I picked Spain because some of it [the desert area] is adore Arizona and Nevada. I’d truly love to live there but I cant acquire a green card. So if I cant move to The United States of America, I wanted to live in a place that was similar.”

So, if u wish to get punished, Dolly will pleased to whip u worthy.

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