Epic Sex

Epic Sex

In the understatement of the century, Amerie Thomas asks, “Do u wanna copulate me? Do u desire to stick your shlong betwixt my mounds?” Amerie sinks her fingers into her squishy breast flesh as that babe says this, staring at u. Only a avid charmer would say no to this damp redhead.

Rubino is glued to Amerie’s ample booty, rubbing her well-cushioned cheeks as this babe says this. His hands reach up to touch her big milk shakes. This charmer stands to sink his face into her great divide. A smooth operator can receive lost between Amerie’s bosoms. Amerie’s titties are jiggled and squeezed, her teats licked and sucked.

They climb into sofa. This lady-killer pulls his pants down so Amerie can receive down on his joint and have to sucking it. Amerie is a verbal oral-stimulation artist, adding lip-smacking and other sounds of gratification as her mouth does its magic. This always adds to the passion. His pole just now stiffens, ready for a visit inside her muff.

Before that happens, Amerie wants to tit-fuck him. That babe wraps her sexy boobs around his rod, then sucks him some more. What’s a tit-fuck without the angel underneath u on her back? Amerie lays back for a boob-banger.

“It’s time to shag that pussy,” Amerie’s arse call whispers. Their epic sex continues. They acquire it on, rock hard, fast and pounding. The sofa holds up, but from all the bouncing going on, it seems more like a trampoline. What a piece of ass. Thanks, Amerie Thomas.

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