Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters

Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters

Diana Eisley was spotted by one of our finders when he went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Diana was the hostess. In advance of leaving, he introduced himself and gave her his contact information. Finding glamour models in the real world is one of the more difficult approaches.

“I sent her images to the SCORE studio,” our lady-killer reported for a blog posting. “Usually, I need to expect a dunky in number days to get approval for a cutie to shoot. However, in this instance, it was an instant yep. I followed up with Diana after her discharge and that babe told this babe was thrilled and was very thankful for the opportunity. She urges to continue shooting with The SCORE Group, and make almost certainly of me when I say, we are very glad to have her.”

From seeing Diana for the first time to her first-ever glamour modeling session, the complete process took underneath a week. Diana does gymnastics and her flexibility is on-display in this scene.

“My funbags are kinda always on flaunt,” Diana said. “I’ll wear taut, form-fitted clothes as well as the occasional low-hanging, off-the-shoulder and V-neck dresses. I always wear a bra unless there is a reason not to.”

A single hotty, Diana calls herself “Pretty nerdy in real life, and gorgeous adventurous so everything without the usual sounds adore a enjoyment date to me.”

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