Diamond Is A Man’s Bust Ally

Diamond Is A Man's Bust Friend

The question for a lot of males when they first meeting Diamond Knights is whether they’re woman chaser sufficient to handle 5’6″, 220 pounds, 42-38-45, E-cups melons. But that is not a question for XLGirls paramours. The only question for them is when, and Diamond‘s answer is, “Any time you’re ready.” U have to adore a woman with so much to love, but there is more to Diamond than all that fleshy goodness. One of her hobbies is rub-down therapy, which means she’ll rub you down all the way. This babe can’t live with out watching basketball and football. This babe likes to make u cum and this babe loves to make herself cum. “I do it in my bed on my back with my legs open and stick a toy in my slit or use my fingers and shag myself,” that babe said. “I love sat on a man’s shlong and riding him rock hard and seeing him cum. It turns me on.” It turns her on to turn you on. What’s not to love?

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