Deep Inside Veronica Bow

Deep Inside Veronica Bow

Once JMac began getting acquainted with Veronica Bow, a crowbar couldn’t separate them. That fellow was all over her and her large, pliable hangers–stuck love glue. He sucked her nipples rock hard. This babe sucked his rod rock hard and licked and sucked his nuts during the time that this babe was down there.

Strings of saliva poured with out her face hole and trickled on her scones, lubing ’em for a rock hard tit-fucking. They fell into bed, and for the 1st deep-fucking position, Veronica got on top, her back to him, and lowered herself on his pussy-filling pole.

Veronica can’t live without being dominated. JMac is the lady-killer for that. Not fetish-style domination. Carnal domination.

“I’m definitely passive,” told Veronica. “So I like a lad who takes charge in every way. I adore deep penetration and that is what he gave me. I’m pleased I had the chance to discharge with JMac.”

Veronica will be back with JMac soon, and Tyler Steel’s along for the ride also.

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