Counsel My Gazoo!

Counsel My A-hole!

“Ivan, you can tell me anything,” guidance counselor Jenny Mason, Fourty three, says to her student Ivan. “What u say here is confidential.”

“Well, Ms. Mason,” Ivan sputters. “I need to score some condoms from you. My cutie urges to go all the way. I heard you’ve condoms for free.”

“Sorry, Ivan, but I am all out of condoms,” Ms. Mason says. “You’re the tenth student that’s come by this week. The school is supposed to acquire more next week.”

“I can’t expect untill next week,” Ivan protests. “What if my girlfriend changes her mind?”

“Well, there’s always fellatio,” Ms. Mason suggests.

“I’m over blow jobs,” Ivan says. “I need something new, but I don’t wanna knock her up.”

“Well, if it is gestation u wanna prevent, there’s one way to have sex, but your girlfriend might not be willing for what I’m about to expose you,” Ms. Mason says.

Show him?

“You see, Ivan, 1st you strip your goddess ally and bend her over. U get her butthole valuable and succulent. Then you bend her over and whisper in her ear, ‘I’m gonna copulate u up the wazoo now.'”

Yep, that’s right, unveil him. ‘cuz in this guidance counselor’s office, nobody goes out into the world with out hands-on experience. Not to mention cock-in-the-guidance-counselor’s-ass experience.

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