Each Inch A Mistresse

Every Inch A Woman

The 1st time SCORE went to the Dominican Republic, a DVD titled Big boobed Island Gals was the result. It featured some actually hawt looking angels in solo act. Things change. SCORE went back to the island years later to meet Chica and this super-slim and stacked little sexbomb was more than glad to go for a spin with a stunt-cock.

This pretty-faced pixie has got a greater than standard pair of hooters that u do not see that often on somebody so slender. Chica’s appetite for the pecker is high and she sure loves that digital camera during the time that she’s banging.

Chica unveils off her bra buddies while John checks her out. They come in for a clinch and a quick dance, then John says, “Let’s screw.” So much for complex story lines. Onto the action. This chab palms Chica’s sweet mounds, fingering the tawny flesh-globes. Chica is wearing split-crotch knickers. This buck removes her shoes and receives to tongue her grab as that babe pulls her belts to the side for more valuable access. After he is worked over her cunt, she kneels before him.

When this woman chaser drops his pants, his schlong springs up. “Wow!” Chica says in her quiet way. This babe returns the favour by opening her mouth for his pole, sucking him hands-free and with hands. They switch to a POV titty-bang, John on his back, Chica sandwiching his meat-thermometer between her love pillows. That babe alternates boob-massaging his ding-dong and blowing him again with a worshipful expression. Now they’re willing to screw. Chica’s a screamer and that’s a fine thing in our book.

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