Country Star

Country Star

Cameron Skye’s merry personality, marvelous face and curvacious body open many doors for her and one of these doors was to the SCORE Studio. Now those doors have opened up afresh. Hey, this babe is a country star this time. A perky one.

A “SCORE wife,” (her hub is a reader) Cameron went online and sent in her fotos, her 1st time at naked modeling for a Big-Boob studio. “I was not the bustiest goddess in school,” says Cameron, “but I was one of “the big-boobed angels.”

Cameron is a beach bunny. This babe enjoys waterskiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing, surfing on the wake made by a speedboat. This babe even masturbates in the shower. In the winter, Cameron snowboards. “The most-fun I ever had was being a lifeguard,” says Cameron. How many boyz pretended to be drowning so they could get the kiss of life from her?

Along with this photo set, Cameron was caught on episode right after this shoot. We’ll chase her into the dressing room and see what that babe does. Take a look! Welcome back, Cameron. Some had asked if she’ll ever try hardcore. (She did a Whoppers & Tugs final time.) Stay tuned coz Cameron has taken the plunge with her 1st all-in full-sexing and it is on the way to SCORELAND.

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