Built for enjoyment

Built for pleasure

Alesia was not always the woman you’re seeing here, the one who’s pinching her gorgeous nipps and proudly showing off her buxom, fuckable wazoo. Not also long agone, Alesia was trapped in a bad marriage. Sex was awful. “It was more about him getting off and not worrying about how I felt,” this babe told. “If this man finished before me, he’d roll over and go to sleep. I went to Catholic school, and irrumation and all that kind of sex was considered bad, so I at no time went down on my husband. I thought sex was a duty. It was a chore. But I did a 180.” And that 180-degree turn has brought her to 40SomethingMag.com.

“I think everyone I know would be shocked without their minds if they knew I was doing this,” said Alesia, who can likewise be watched fucking one of our bucks in her first XXX scene and getting her ass screwed for an encore. “I used to be a Republican committeewoman. I went door-to-door to receive votes. I was as conservative as could be. I by no means imagined I would be doing everything love this.” But, now, the ex-spouse is gone (Alesia is engaged to be married), and Alesia is doing things love this and having sex in the back of her SUV in the midst of the day.

Alesia, who lives in a diminutive city outdoors of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has become a completely independent and free woman since this babe dumped her ex-husband. That babe owns a medical billing service, and she says this babe doesn’t have any hobbies coz “I don’t have also much spare time.” But she does have time for sex, which she has three or four times a week. “I’ve become sexually assured since my divorce,” Alesia told. “If I urge sex, I’ll let my petticoat chaser know it. He’ll be sat on the ottoman, and I’ll just lean over and take his wang out.”

“Men love my gazoo, and I adore anal-copulation,” told Alesia, who by no means got ass-fucked by her 1st partner. “No way!” she told. “But I’m sure I’ll have anal dance on my wedding night…after I have sucked my recent husband’s dick and had him fun my cum-hole, of course.” Of course. ‘coz Alesia has learned that erotic enjoyment is something that needs to be given and received. “The lady you’re seeing now, in those pics, did not exist 10 years ago. Even seven years agone. I am pleased the real me came out.” So are we.

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