Bringing Sexy To The Mid-west

Bringing Hawt To The Mid-west

Welcome back, Marilyn Mayson! Detected by XLGirls, Marilyn not only lactates, that babe enjoys the feeling of the milk coming out of her merry nipples. Let’s discover out more about Marilyn, what Marilyn says about herself and what her interests are. “I love to sing and my prefered comedienne is Margaret Cho. I’m an Oklahoma Thunder fan. My fetishes are lactation and being uncomplaining in ottoman. I adore getting eaten out but one thing I urge is to be woken up with sex. I love man-juice pies, obscene talk, role-playing, delivery bucks and fantasizing about the Mile High Strip club. I adore both white and black boys and I love ’em to be taller and stronger than me with a glamorous face and worthy teeth. The first time I had sex, it was on Valentine’s Day at a motel party. I’m a masturbation junkie and I like girls. I’ll be doing a girl on girl for XLGirls pretty soon and maybe a guy with a precious wang will join in. The first things I observe when I see a woman chaser are his eyes and his package. The funniest thing a Lothario ever called me was Miss Damp Lucy.” And there you’ve her. Anything you receive to know about Marilyn Mayson…almost anything.

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