Swim suit Car Wash

Bikini Car Wash

If there is anyone who did justice to a car wash, that goddess was Janet Jade. Almost any breast-men who watch Janet think, “Now, there’s anybody who I’d like to see muscly and shine my strapon with her worthwhile fun bags.” Janet’s got it all: front, rear and center. What fetching bouncy bosoms. What a sexy chassis.

“I liked in nature’s garb modeling a lot,” said Janet who now lives in Las Vegas. “I had fun during this photo shoot.”

“I modeled a little bit in high school,” Janet remembered. “But it didn’t take me anywhere. I did some fashion reveals. I was supposed to receive some good jobs but a bare modeling agency scammed me. But I was used to being the center of attention and to people looking at me. I was a cheerleader in school. I was the hotty who could dance actually well. The hotty who had the large tits.”

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