Bow It For Beck

Bend It For Beck

“Anna still looks great! And finally a set where that babe exposes that marvelous stomach! Can’t await for more!”-John

XLGirls acquiesces. Beck is back and we’re bending to her.

It is still a surprise to have Anna Beck back after so lengthy an absence. After her initial shoots, we tried to reconnect with her for follow-ups but we could not find her. XLGirls thought Anna had moved on, married, got one more job or did whatsoever models do when they drop out of sight. Her fresh hairstyle threw us off for a hardly any seconds but it is just as alluring as her earlier, short blond hair. And Anna’s body looks as hawt and as full-bosomed as ever. Picture your face and junk being buried between those love muffins. A goal to strive for.

Anna doesn’t speak English, solely Czech. That’s good ‘cuz her larger than standard, big mellons say it all and they don’t need translation.

Anna says that when this babe goes to public swimming pools (in her bathing costume), she not solely acquires a lot of male eyes roaming her body but females likewise. How would Anna describe what her life is adore having such a biggest terrace? “It’s difficult but interesting,” Anna told throughout our interpreter. “People pay more attention to me than they do to chicks with very miniature love muffins.”

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