Angela’s locker room layover

Angela's locker room layover

Angela has often been called “The Preeminent Girlfriend.” She’s a real petticoat chaser pleaser. Many of you know Angela’s background. How that babe started her career at SCORE and Voluptuous in 2003, how she discovered us and how many hot movie scenes and DVDs she’s made with us.

“I didn’t really acquire much attention from boys when I was younger,” Angela said. “I was little and dunky. I did not look much love a mistress. And I was actually shy as well. They didn’t pay attention to me. So when I got my billibongs, my shyness just went away. I would not talk to people previous to. I would not come out, would not talk to anyone. So after that, all the males started paying attention to me. I spent all my money on hot clothing in advance of my wobblers got greater, so I owed my mum plenty of specie. Then my knockers got astronomical, and all I had was my little clothes, so all I wore for a span of about six months was all those hot outfit that fit me adore B-cups. So the shirts were stretched right out!”

If there’s any doubt that females (at least the right ones) belong in a locker room, Angela is the confirmation. That Aussie accent is sexy, also.

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